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General Acronyms and Abbreviation Used in Software Development

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ACM — Association for Computing Machinery ACS — Access Control Server AICPA — American Institute of Certified Public Accountants AICPA SGP — AICPA Standard of Good Practice AICPA TSC — AICPA Trust Services Criteria AMC — Average Method Complexity API — Application Programming Interface AQAP — Allied Quality Assurance Publication ARS — Automated Reasoning Systems asap — As Soon As Possible ASBDC-US — Association of Small Business Development Centers ASL — Action Specification Language ASP — Active Server Pages ATP — Acceptance Test Procedure BIS — Bank for International Settlements BITS — BITS Framework: Managing Technology Risk for Information Technology Service Provider Relationships BNF — Backus–Naur Form BOGSAT — Bunch of Guys Sitting Around a Table BPM — Business Performance Measure BSA — Business Software Alliance CACM — Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery CASE — Computer-Aided Software Engineering CBO — Coupling Between Object Classes CCM — CORBA Component Model CERT — Computer Emergency Response Team CFC — Central Flow Control CGF — Corporate Governance Framework CGI — Common Gateway Interface CIAO — Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office CIS — Center for Internet Security COBIT — Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies COCOMO — Constructive Cost Model CORBA — Common Object Request Broker Architecture COSO — Committee on Sponsoring Organizations CSE — Communications Security Establishment CWM — Common Warehouse Metamodel DACC — Design Assertion Consistency Checker DCL — DEC Control Language DEF STAN — Defense Standard DFD — Dataflow Diagram DHS —Department of Homeland Security (U.S.) DIT — Depth of Inheritance Tree DMP — Deficiency Management Plan DMZ — Demilitarized Zone DOM — Document Object Model DSDM — Dynamic Systems Development Method DSI — Delivered Source Instruction DSML — Domain-Specific Modeling Language DTI — Department of Trade and Industry (UK) EDEM — Expectation-Driven Event Monitoring EJB — Enterprise Java Beans ETA — Event Tree Analysis ETSI — European Telecom Standards Institute FMEA – Failure mode and effective analysis FMECA — Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis FSM — Finite State Machine FSR — Financial Services Roundtable FTA — Fault Tree Analysis GAISPC — Generally Accepted Information Security Principles Committee GAPP — Generally Accepted Principles and Practices GASSP — Generally Accepted System Security Principles GIGO — Garbage In, Garbage Out HIPAA — Health Information Portability and Accountability Act HTML — Hypertext Markup Language HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol IAIP — Information Assurance and Infrastructure Protection (Directorate of the DHS) ICAEW —Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales ICE —In-Circuit Emulator IDEF —Military equivalent of SADT IDL —Interface Description Language IIA —The Institute of Internal Auditors IIOP —Internet Inter ORB Protocol IP — Intellectual Property ISACA — The Information Systems Audit and Control Association ISAPI — Internet Server Application Programming Interface ISF — Information Security Forum ISG — Information Security Governance ISSA —Information Systems Security Association ITCG — Information Technology: Control Guidelines 1998 ITGIG — IT Governance Implementation Guide ITT — Initial Training Time ITT — Invitation To Tender J2EE — Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition KDSI — 1000 DSIs KPQM — Key Performance Quality Measure (aka BPM) LCSAJ — Linear Code Sequence and Jump LDRA — Liverpool Data Research Associates LISI — Levels of Information Systems Interoperability MDA — Model-Driven Architecture MDD — Model-Driven Development MOD - Ministry of Defense — (UK) MOF - Meta-Object Facility — (In UML ) MPI — Merchant server Plug-In NCSS — Non-Commented Source Statements NIST — National Institute for Standards and Technology NOC — Number of Children NSAPI — Netscape Server Application Programming Interface OCT — Operationally Critical Threat OMG — Object Management Group OMT — Object Modeling Technique PCA — Performance and Coverage Analyzer PCAOB — Public Company Accounting Oversight Board PCS — Partnering for Cyber Security PIM — Platform-Independent Model PIPEDA — Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act POF — Probability of Failure PSI — Platform-Specific Implementation QMS — Quality Management System QoS — Quality of Service RAD — Rapid Application Development RFC — Request for Change RFC — Response for a Class RFP — Request for Proposal RMI — Remote Method Invocation ROI — Return on Investment RSS — Rich Site Summary SADT — Systems Analysis and Design Technique SC — Security Checklist SCA — Source Code Analyzer SCR — Software Change Request SDK — Software Development Kit SEI —Software Engineering Institute (Carnegie Mellon University) SME — Subject Matter Expert SNAC — Systems and Network Attack Center SOAP — Simple Object Access Protocol SOX — Sarbanes–Oxley Act SPEC — Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation STT — Subsequent Training Time TCB — Trusted Computing Base TOE — Target of Evaluation UDDI — Universal Description, Discovery and Integration UML — Universal Modeling Language URI — Uniform Resource Identifier URL — Uniform Resource Locator UTC — Usability-Test Candidate UTCS — UTC Score VAF — Value Adjustment Factor VEE — Virtual Execution Environment WMC — Weighted Methods per Class WSDL — Web Services Description Language XMI — XML Metadata Interchange XML — eXtensible Markup Language XP — eXtreme Programming
Abbreviations related to database testing used by Oracle. RAT – Real Application Testing SPA – SQL Performance Analyzer ATS – Oracle Application Testing Solution STS – SQL Tuning Set

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On this page I put Acronyms and Abbreviations Related to Software Development. These Acronyms and Abbreviations are very simple but often was used during interviewing software testers and created confusions. The Acronyms and Abbreviations found above are listed in the alphabetical order.

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