DBMS for testers, Database Interview Questions For Software Testers

  1. Some views are not updatable according to the SQL standard, for a number of reasons. Please provide the list of valid reasons for the view being non-updatable according to the standard?
  2. Please provide the example of a Query that includes nonlinear recursion, which technically is not permitted in the strict SQL standard.
    Why nonlinear recursion is not permitted in the strict SQL standard?
  3. Draw a figure that shows the relationships that required recursion.
  4. Provide an example of roll-up, drill-down and slicing (OLAP)
  5. In an XML document that conforms to DTD, how to find the minimum and maximum possible number of elements?
  6. What is a relational algebra expression?
  7. Consider a relation R(A,B,C) with functional dependency AB-->C and multivalued dependency C-->B. Is R in Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) and/or Fourth Normal Form (4NF)
    Answer: Relation R is in BCNF but not 4NF
  8. How to find the minimum and maximum numbers of elements in any UML diagram that is captures relationships?
  9. How to find that table definitions ensure "referential integrity"?
  10. Transaction T1 always executes with isolation level Serializable. Please explain the meaning and give an example.
  11. Please give an example of any transaction with isolation level Read Uncommitted
  12. Which view is the updatable, according to the SQL standard?
  13. Which of the following features would we least expect to find in a NoSQL system?
    Extreme scalability
    Serializable multi-statement transactions (correct)
    Simple processing based on key values
  14. Please explain some advantages and disadvantages of NoSQL systems
  15. Please provide examples of NoSQL systems we all use.

On this page I put some DBMS interview questions. These DBMS interview questions are very simple and mainly were used for interviewing software testers who is involved in database testing or grey box testing.The interview questions found above are listed in order of complexity. However all new interview questions (regardless of there difficulty) will be added to the bottom of the list. You can find more SQL interview questions searching the WEB.

END Basic DBMS interview questions.

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