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If you have a good technical question from the professional test engineer's common body of knowledge, please e-mail it to me and I will add it.

I would like to cover the following topics:
  • Basic principles for software testers.
  • Database principles
  • Basic knowledge of software development.
  • Knowledge of programming principles.
    Check your knowledge.

    1. HTML was invented by?
    (a) The W3C
    (b) NASA
    (c) Tim Berners-Lee
    (d) Microsoft

    2. In VBScript code, what function do you use to find out which character occurs at the 2th position in a string "Ersasoft"?
    (a) String()
    (b) Mid()
    (c) StrReverse()
    (d) CStr()

    3. Which of the following is NOT true of comments? Comments are:
    (a) notes that the programmer builds into the program
    (b) printed during the execution of the program
    (c) written for other programmers

    4.In VBScript which of the following is the correct syntax of FOR loop?
    (a) FOR DO NEXT
    (b) For i = 0 to 7 z = i Next
    (c) For i to 7 z = i Next
    (d) For Do Loop z = 1+ Next

    5. In HTML 4.0, what attribute would you use to determine the color of a visited link?
    (a) ALINK
    (b) VLINK
    (c) TEXT
    (c) COLOR

    6. Which of the following correctly describe JavaScript as a language?
    (a) It is based on object creation.
    (b) It emphasis on SCRIPTING
    (c) It focuses on component building
    (d) None of the above

    7. In HTML, what provides the main instruction of the tag?
    (a) TITLE
    (b) An element
    (c) A value
    (d) An ID

    8. The program according requirements expects the uppercase letters from A to Z. Analyze the following inputs and choose one that can cause the failure with greater probability. Help: character set is ASCII
    (a) 1, 0
    (b) @, [
    (c) B, W

    9. What kind of tools would you suggest to use for the automation of regression tests?
    (a) Static analysis tools
    (b) Capture and playback
    (c) Debugging tools

    10. Which technique is referred to as inline scripting?
    (a) INLINE tag within the controlling HTML
    (b) The embedding of scripting instructions within certain HTML tags
    (c) The use of "SCRIPT" tags in line with the HEAD BODY and BODY HEAD tags
    (d) None of the above

    11. RGB colour is?
    (a) 4 bit
    (b) 8 bit
    (c) 24 bit
    (d) 32 bit

    12. What is a plug-in?
    (a) A special piece of code, enclosed in angle brackets, that tell the HTML interpreter how to process or display the image
    (b) A program installed as part of the browser to extend its basic functionality
    (c) All of the above
    (d) None of the above

    13. What is not correct about cookies?
    (a) Small text files placed on a users computer
    (b) Unencrypted
    (c) Personalize site for users
    (d) Used for secure transactions

    14. Which of the following HTML tags comments:
    (d) None of the above

    15. DHTML is a combination of what technologies?
    (a) HTML 3.2 and CSS1
    (b) HTML 4.0, JavaScript, Vbscript or Jscript, and CSS1
    (c) HTML 4.0, JavaScript, Layers and CSS2
    (d) None of the above

    16. The process of moving data in and out of memory is called _____?
    (a) Redirecting Memory
    (b) Memory Swap
    (c) Paging
    (d) Address Allocation

    17. The best definition of Data Type is:
    (a) Numbers, characters, images, or other method of recording.
    (b) A set of values from which a variable, constant, function, or other expression may take its value.
    (c) A set of types for which certain operations or methods are defined.
    (d) All of the above.

    18. An algorithm is
    (a) history of computer programming
    (b) problem statement
    (c) definition of a problem
    (d) list of steps

    19. Concatenation is
    (a) attaching one string to another
    (b) outputting the string
    (c) copying one string into another
    (d) deleting string

    20. An operation is
    (a) a programís objective
    (b) a piece of information
    (c) an action to be performed
    (d) visual aid in flowcharting

    21. Logic is a
    (a) system of reasoning
    (b) a solution to a given problem
    (c) computer system
    (d) system of systems

    22. An assignment statement is used to
    (a) give a variable a value
    (b) terminate the program
    (c) output data
    (d) install a service pack

    23. The following data are examples of what type of numbers?
    1 -9 0 4 589 -256

    (a) integer
    (b) real numbers
    (c) characters
    (d) strings

    24. The four basic types of data are:
    (a) characters, real numbers, floating-point numbers, and integer numbers
    (b) integer, boolen, real number, character be used and all testers will have the skills to characters, decimal ASCII numbers, integer numbers, and floating-point numbers
    (c) characters, floating-point numbers, integer numbers, and binary numbers

    25. Data is
    (a) flowchart
    (b) information
    (c) algorithm
    (d) program

    26. A variable
    (a) converts data into meaningful output
    (b) is a special operator in VB
    (c) is a data object whose value can change during execution
    (d) is a data object whose value cannot change during execution

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