Test Automation interview questions for software testers

Test Automation job interview questions:
  1. What automating testing tools are you familiar with?
  2. How did you use automating testing tools in your job?
  3. Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.
  4. How do you plan test automation?
  5. Can test automation improve test effectiveness?
  6. What is data - driven automation?
  7. What are the main attributes of test automation?
  8. Does automation replace manual testing?
  9. Why is it important to improve a test automation process?
  10. Why isnít automation the answer to the software-testing problem?
  11. How will you choose a tool for test automation?
  12. Why the tool should have the ability to select a subset of test cases?
  13. What are main benefits of test automation?
  14. Identify the tools that can be used for the management of testing process.
  15. What could go wrong with test automation?
  16. How you will describe testing activities?
  17. What testing activities you may want to automate?
  18. Identify the tools that you can use for source code testing without executing it.
  19. What are the advantages and disadvantages of random testing?
  20. What types of bugs is automation good at detecting?
  21. Describe different random software testing techniques?
    Answer: Short description of random software testing techniques.
  22. Describe common problems of test automation.
  23. What types of scripting techniques for test automation do you know?
  24. What are principles of good testing scripts for automation?
  25. What are good candidates for automation in testing?
  26. Does automation replace manual testing?
  27. Which automation tools have you worked with and can you explain them briefly?
  28. How does load testing work for websites?
  29. Can you give an example showing load testing for Websites?
  30. What does the load test summary report contain?
  31. Can you explain data-driven testing?
  32. Can you explain table-driven testing?
  33. H ow can you perform data-driven testing usingAutomated QA?
  34. What tools are available for support of testing during software development life cycle?
  35. Can the activities of test case design be automated?
  36. What are the limitations of automating software testing?
  37. Why an automation tool should allow test cases to be executed individually, as a group, or in a predefined sequence?
  38. What skills needed to be a good software test automator?
  39. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  40. What is the role of testing frameworks and automated scripts in refactoring?
  41. Describe some problem that you had with automating testing tool.
  42. What are the main attributes of test automation?
  43. What testing activities you may want to automate in a project?
  44. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
  45. What are some of the common misconceptions during implementation of anautomated testing tools for the first time?
  46. What are the advantages and disadvantages of early test automation, that is, for the first release of a product?
  47. Why canít we just build software to test software?
  48. For what do testers use automation?
  49. What are the limitations of automation software testing?
  50. What test management tools do you know?
  51. Please describe different types of test data generators.
  52. What type of test data generator can also generate expected output values?
  53. Why canít other types of test data generators do the same?
  54. What is a test driver?
  55. Explain how a capture/playback tool works.
  56. What is the main principle of data-driven testing.
  57. How to select a test tool?
  58. How to introduce a new testing tool?

Interview Questions from "Test Automation Architectures A Context-Based Approach" By Bret Pettichord , 2002

Ready to Automate?

1. Is automation (or testing) a label for other problems?

No = 15 points

2. Are testers trying to use automation to prove their prowess?

No = 10 points

3. Can testability features be added to the product code?

Yes = 10 points

4. Do testers and developers work cooperatively and with mutual respect?

Yes = 15 points

5. Is automation is developed on an iterative basis?

Yes = 10 points

6. Have you defined the requirements and success criteria for automation?

Yes = 15 points

7. Are you open to different concepts of what test automation can mean?

Yes = 10 points

8. Is test automation lead by someone with an understanding of both programming and testing?

Yes = 15 points

Ready to Automate?


Nevermind 55 or less

Wait and See 60-65

Time for More Training 70-75

Win Over Some Converts 80-85

Ready to Automate 90-100

On this page I put some Test Automation Interview Questions for software testers. These Test Automation Interview Questions are very simple and mainly were used for interviewing software testers who is involved in WinRunner testing.The interview questions found above are listed in order of complexity. However all new Test Automation interview questions (regardless of there difficulty) will be added to the bottom of the list. You can find more web site related Interview Questions searching the WEB.
END Test Automation Interview Questions.

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