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Software testing interview questions - Questions and Answers - WEB Testing
  1. Describe some of the possible web page futures .
  2. Question: What are possible configurations that could affect the testing strategy of any web site?
    Answer: Hardware platform (PC, Mac), Browser software and version, Browser Plug-Ins, Browser settings options, Video resolution and Colour Depth, text size,
  3. What is website usability testing ?
    Google for more Usability software testing interview questions.
  4. Why spell checker is not enough during testing spelling on web page?
  5. Question: Name a few website mistakes that could cause configuration and compatibility bugs.
    Answer: Non standard colours, frames, tables etc.
  6. Question: What the latest web technologies do you know?
    Answer: RSS,
  7. Question: Name some Alternative Browsers.
    Answer: Opera, Mozilla
  8. Describe some Caching Issues.
  9. What HTML standard do you know?
  10. What web specific types of testing do you know?
  11. What is static and what is dynamic web page?
  12. Question: Can the Netscape scripting host without plug-ins run Microsoft JScript on the client side?
    Answer: No
  13. Question: What is Glyphs?
    Answer: Glyph is the picture of the character.
  14. What techniques will cause double-byte problems to show up?
  15. What is Alt Key Input?
  16. How will you decide when and what to test during performance testing?
  17. Question: What types of web testing security problems do you know?
    Answer:(Denial of Service (DoS) attack, buffer overflow)
  18. Question: What types HTTP Response Codes do you know?
    Answer: ( 2xx - success, 3xx - Redirection, 4xx - Client Error, 5xx - Server Error )
  19. What errors can occur when the page loads?
  20. What are the metrics what can be used during performance testing?
  21. What HTML file extension can be used?
  22. What is CSS stands for?
  23. What are the differences between testing WEB application and testing client-sever application?
  24. Write test cases for Search Engine?
  25. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Explain how the data is secured in HTTPS?
  26. What does DNS contains?
  27. What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
  28. What type of security testing you performed?
  29. What are the differences between GUI and Usability Testing
  30. How to find that a page cached by Google?
    Definition: cashed page is a snapshot of a web page collected during crawling.
    To retrieve Google’s cached version of a page type: cache:www.extremesoftwaretesting.com/InterviewQuestions/WebTesting.html and click search
  31. How to find the cookie details of the page displayed in IE?
    Type in the URL: javascript:alert(document.cookie.split(';').join('\n'));

HTML interview questions with answers.
  1. What is an example of a closing tag in HTML document?
  2. what is an example of an HTML opening tag alone?
  3. How to specify the character set that is being used in the HTML document?
    <meta charset="utf-8" />
  4. How to display HTML code as an answer in the example above?
    Use &lt; instead of "<" and &gt; instead of ">".
  5. What is the DOCTYPE?
    Answer: A declaration of the HTML version used in a document.
  6. What is the difference between a markup language like HTML and a programming language like Javascript?
    Answer: A markup language specifies information, not instructions
  7. What is an example of an HTML comment?
    <!--interview questions for software testers-->
  8. What can you tell about the Document Object Model (DOM)?
    Answer: It is an API that allows programmatic inspection and modification of an HTML document, often from a Javascript program and the standard way to represent and manipulate the contents of an HTML document programmatically
  9. What is an example of an HTML attribute name?
  10. What is an example of an HTML attribute value?
  11. What is an example of a full HTML element, including opening and closing tags?
  12. what is Flex Box Layout?
  13. What is Responsive Web Design? How to test it?

Question: What is the Compatibility View in IE?
Definition: Browser compatibility tests - is finding pages that are not working or not working correctly in some web browsers

If you are using IE8, IE9, IE10, or IE11 sometimes you can receive a message that your browser is incompatible, this is most likely because your browser is set in Compatibility mode. This mode tells your browser to treat web sites as if it was using IE7. Sometimes websites don't look like they were designed —images might not appear, menus might be out of place, and text could be displayed incorrectly. This might be caused by a compatibility problem between Internet Explorer and the site. Sometimes this can be fixed by adding (or removing) the site to your Compatibility View list.

Question: How Compatibility View in IE works?
IE using different engines for different sites
IE attempts to find the best compatibility mode before opening the page with the newest version of its engine, IE follows the flow:
Check meta tag in head if no - use some internal logic to determine what engine to implement.
The example: meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7"
Unlike IE7 mode, Emulate IE7 mode respects the directive.
For many web sites, this is the preferred compatibility mode.
Use the http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" meta tag in head for the latest version of IE.

Question: Please tell all you know about testing web services.
There are multiple non-functional requirements expected from the web services:
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Extensibility
  • Reliability
    Types of testing that applied to web services:
  • Unit testing
  • Functional testing of web services
  • Integration testing of web services
  • Performance testing
    The purpose of functional testing of a web service is to ensure that the expected business functionality is provided correctly by the web service.
    Integration testing of web services
    Web services are integrated with multiple components such as brokers or service coordinators.
    Web services Integration Testing. The intent of Web services Integration Testing is to expose faults in the interactions between web service and other software components, modules and functions. To verify that integrations do not break the system.
    Performance testing of web services
    As defined on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_performance_testing), performance testing is in general testing that determines how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular work load.
    Web service performance test planning includes:
  • Identify the expected performance requirements
  • Analyze web service real world working scenarios
  • Identify message volume, size, and transmission rate
    This includes load and stress testing the web service as well as measuring the performance under various conditions. Apache JMeter http://jmeter.apache.org/ is a good open source testing tool which can be used for performance testing of web services.

    On this page I put some Interview Questions for WEB site testers. These WEB Interview Questions are very simple and mainly were used for interviewing software testers who is involved in WEB testing. The interview questions found above are listed in order of complexity. However all new WEB interview questions (regardless of there difficulty) will be added to the bottom of the list. You can find more web site related Interview Questions searching the WEB. END WEB Interview Questions.

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