Possible Demands of IT Employees in knowledge-intensive cognitive occupations.

Usually their daily tasks are subject to frequent change.
    General skills
  1. Responsibility.
  2. Analytical and problem solving skills.
  3. Communication skills.
  4. Ability to think logically
  5. Productivity.
  6. Result orientation.
  7. Team work.
  8. Ability to define and change priorities.
  9. Being realistic about how long things take.
  10. Innovation.
  11. Profitability.
  12. Being customer oriented.
  13. Ability to see things as a whole.
  14. Continuous and systematic improvement.
  15. Self control.
  16. Interaction skills.
  17. Meeting techniques.

    QA related only skills
  1. Knowledge of process management.
  2. Knowledge of seven quality tools.
  3. Benchmarking.
  4. Theory of quality management.
  5. Basics statistical mathematics skills.
  6. Test-tool experience.
  7. Basic SQL Skills.

Interpreting Job Performance Evaluations Terms by Dick, Williamsport, Md.
  1. Good communication skills = spends a lot of time on the phone
  2. Average employee = not too bright
  3. Exceptionally well qualified = made no major blunders yet
  4. Work is first priority = too ugly to get a date
  5. Active socially = drinks a lot
  6. Family is active socially = spouse drinks, too
  7. Independent worker = nobody knows what he/she does
  8. Quick thinking = offers plausible excuses
  9. Careful thinker = wont make a decision
  10. Aggressive = obnoxious
  11. Uses logic on difficult jobs = gets someone else to do it
  12. Expresses themselves well = speaks english
  13. Meticulous attention to detail = a nit picker
  14. Has leadership qualities = is tall or has a loud voice
  15. Exceptionally good judgement = lucky
  16. Keen sense of humour = knows a lot of dirty jokes
  17. Career minded = back stabber
  18. Loyal = can't get a job anywhere else

On this page I put some Possible Demands of IT Employees in knowledge-intensive cognitive occupations for QA and testers. Questions about knowledge of skills found above were used for interviewing software testers who is involved in any type of testing. The skills found above are listed in order of complexity. However all new skills (regardless of there difficulty) will be added to the bottom of the list. You can find more required skills searching the WEB. END of required skills fot IT Employees.

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